Wednesday, November 30, 2016

President Elect Trump Saves 1000 Jobs By Getting Carrier To Stay In US

President Elect Trump Saves 1000 Jobs By Getting Carrier To Stay In US Find more on: Evolve TV

President Elect Donald Trump managed to get Carrier to stop from moving their plants to Mexico. He did this PRIOR to being sworn as President. The NY Times reports,

The message from Mr. Trump that captivated the Carrier workers — keeping manufacturing jobs in the United States after decades of losses to overseas factories and automation — resonated throughout the Rust Belt. That promise, plus his opposition to pacts like the North American Free Trade Agreement, were key reasons he was able to edge out Hillary Clinton in states like Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin.
This is great news for all those dedicated Carrier employees that where stressing out over what they were going to do. This also sends a message to other corporations that Trump was serious in his campaign speeches. Corporations and corporate executives are putting pieces together. They are looking at the tens of thousands of people at each of Trump's rallys. Also, at each rally, his supporters cheered him consistently for his talking about keeping jobs in the US. These executives are connecting the dots that the US consumers are pissed when companies announce that they are leaving. Trump has just put more limelight on the topic!

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