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Fried Chicken Recipe – Chicken Recipes – Fried Chicken – How To Make Fried Chicken

Fried Chicken Recipe – Chicken Recipes – Fried Chicken – How To Make Fried Chicken was originally published to Evolve TV

[undervideobanner] Learn how to make this delicious fried chicken recipe Visit for the ingredients, more information, and many more recipes. I hope this recipe inspires you how to make fried chicken. Friends are always asking me for chicken recipes and how they can make healthy chicken recipes. I get multiple requests for chicken breast recipes. This week I’m taking on fried chicken with a how to video. The first time I had crispy fried chicken was when I was a young lad in Liverpool. KFC had just opened a new restaurant boasting flavorful chicken thighs, chicken breast and fried chicken drumsticks. My family had never been exposed to Southern fried chicken so KFC’s opening in town was a real treat. My taste buds exploded with the first bite of the golden crispy crust. Since that day I have enjoyed fried chicken but I try to eat it in moderation because it’s not the healthiest choice. When I’m cooking at home midweek, I’ll prepare roast chicken or grilled chicken. When I went into designing this fried chicken sandwich, I wanted to create The perfect fried chicken recipe that had an authentic fried chicken taste but was relatable to the viewer. I undertook the task to find the best fried chicken recipes on the internet in order to develop an outstanding recipe that sets itself apart from the mass competition i wanted to create a recipe that was Simple, quick & delicious crispy fried chicken recipe. A little bit more about how this crispy chicken sandwich came about: I first tested brining the chicken and although it came out well, I found it added a step that most families looking for an easy chicken sandwich would not do. I decided to go with the classic approach of buttermilk fried chicken and marinated the chicken in the buttermilk overnight. Next was the crust. I scoured the web looking for easy chicken recipes and best fried chicken recipes for further education. Some folks say dredge the chicken in the coating mixture once and some say twice. I actually found dipping the chicken in just once worked best. When tackling the spices I felt six was the perfect combination. KFC would disagree with me using their 11 secret herbs and spices. There are three main techniques for frying Southern Fried Chicken: pan frying, deep frying and broasting. Shallow Frying Shallow frying requires a frying pan of sturdy construction (cast iron works best) and a source of fat that does not fully immerse the chicken. Generally the fat is heated to a temperature hot enough to seal (without browning, at this point) the outside of the chicken pieces. Once the pieces have been added to the hot fat and sealed, the temperature is reduced. There is debate as to how often to turn the chicken pieces, with one camp arguing for often turning and even browning, and the other camp pushing for letting the pieces render skin side down and only turning when absolutely necessary. Once the chicken pieces are close to being done the temperature is raised and the pieces are browned to the desired color (some cooks add small amounts of butter at this point to enhance browning). The moisture from the chicken that sticks and browns on the bottom of the pan become the fonds required to make gravy. Chicken Maryland is made when the pan of chicken pieces, and fat, is placed in the oven to cook for a majority of the overall cooking time, basically “fried in the oven.” Deep Frying Deep fried chicken requires a deep fryer or other device in which the chicken pieces can be completely submerged in hot fat. The pieces of marinated chicken are dredged with my seasoning, or your favorite fried chicken seasoning, using a batter of flour and liquid (and seasonings) mixed together. The batter can/may contain ingredients like eggs, milk, and leavening. The fat is heated in the deep fryer to the desired temperature. The pieces are added to the fat and a constant temperature is maintained throughout the cooking process. I was visiting Memphis recently and my fried told me if you want to taste "The greatest fried chicken recipe in the world!” you have to visit The Downtown Memphis Tennessee Location | Gus's World Famous Fried Chicken Restaurant. he went on to say "This spicy fried chicken takes me to my salty smokey happy place!" I shared with him that everybody says they have they have The greatest fried chicken recipe in the world!”” I was recently contacted by a man who told me his resteraunt has "Jamaican world's best fried chicken recipes Jamaican world's best fried chicken recipes.” For a remarkably simple dish, fried chicken can be controversial. Everybody has there own methods, ideas and views.. [undervideotext]

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