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Building Your Own Home Theater System

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You probably have a sound system in your home right now; but because you’re reading this post, it only means one thing – you’re not satisfied with it. Most of the time, homeowners want better sound quality from their existing entertainment systems, only to realize that the only way to make an improvement or upgrade is to add a home theater system. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="360"](image credit: HowStuffWorks) (image credit: HowStuffWorks)[/caption] Well, you might have a very fancy TV coupled with a fancier DVD or Blu-ray player. But the sad fact about most of these high-end and premium entertainment systems is they don’t have the best possible speaker quality. This is why you definitely need to build your own home theater system if you want that improvement in sound but without the need to ditch your current set-up. Before you make that crucial decision to buy a home theater system, you need to understand and weight on the following factors:

1 – The All-in-One Setup

You should know that the best home theater systems out there are those they refer to us box setups. The term box actually means that the company that built the system intended to do a pre-package of the equipment that most people would commonly need in a system. Therefore, it usually contains all the stuff you need such as floor-standing or bookshelf type of speakers, center channel speaker, a couple of rear surround sound speakers, and of course a subwoofer. This type of setup is defined as a standard 5.1 system, the term describing the five speakers and one subwoofer. But if you want something that’s more advanced and will provide premium surround sound effects, you can go for a more expensive 7.1 system. The reason why you want an all-in-one setup is because it offers you convenience. This is especially true if you don’t consider yourself and skilled and knowledgeable in setting up sound equipment and systems. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="502"](image credit: (image credit:[/caption]

2 – Starting from Scratch

The second option for your entertainment at home is building your own system from scratch. For this one, the obvious advantage is that you have some more room to be a bit creative instead of just buying something that has already been built for you. It’s like doing some home improvement without hiring a contractor. The purpose of building your own home theater system is to make it as personal as possible. It really depends on what you like doing the most with the system. For instance, if you are someone who spends a lot of time watching movies, then you might want to be more particular about your center channel speaker. But if you’re someone who loves listening to music than movies, then you will want better floor standing speakers instead. In the end, the decision you make is based on what you really intend to use and how you’re using it. Both a pre-packaged and a customized home theater system have their individual perks, but we believe you have some more freedom in the latter. But if you’re not really interested in shopping for individual speakers and building them from scratch, you might want to go with the box instead.

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