Monday, August 29, 2016

How To Increase Dynamic Range of your Home Theater System

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[undervideobanner] - How To Increase Dynamic Range of your Home Theater System: Dynamic range is the ratio of maximum system output to the noise floor. The dynamic range of human hearing from loudest to softest sound we can perceive is about 120dB. In reality our home theater systems typically don't approach anywhere near this level due to extreme output requirements from the loudspeakers and the noise floor of the room being too high. In addition, our ears wouldn't be able to sustain such swings in output without causing irreparable hearing loss. But does this mean we shouldn't do everything in our power to maximize the dynamic range of our home theater system? Certainly NOT. The more you improve upon this ratio, the better sounding your system will be since it would not have to work as hard for you to hear the loudest and softest musical passages with absolute clarity. In this article and related YouTube video, we provide the five (5) essential steps for improving system dynamic range. Be Sure To Check Out Our Written Article As Well! Check out this great tutorial on placing and setting up a 5.1 speaker system: Be sure to get your FREE Top Picks AV Guide here & you also get signed up to our FREE Newsletter (sent once a week) with the latest and greatest articles/reviews: Remember to visit: ...for more myth busting articles and reviews. FOLLOW AUDIOHOLICS ON : ------------------------- HOME PAGE FACEBOOK GOOGLE PLUS TWITTER [undervideotext]

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